Do you really need separate social media accounts for yourself and your business?

The short answer? Yes!

When it comes down to it, there are numerous reasons to separate personal from business. For most SMB owners, there a two very important reasons that come to mind, instances of which I tend to encounter the most:

  1. Businesses still utilizing personal social accounts instead of business accounts.
  2. Business owners posting personal posts on their business’s social accounts, instead of creating their own personal accounts (more with Instagram and Twitter).

So why does having a separate business account matter and why does it matter how you use it?

In the first instance, using a personal account for a business page can be very limiting. With personal accounts it’s nearly impossible to grow and target new audiences, gain valuable insights into post and page performance as well as gather insights about your audience, or even give your business the boost it needs by growing leads and sales through targeted ads. Now, wouldn’t all that be nice?

In the second instance, the problem here really comes down to your audience and what your audience wants to see. Most audiences want to see posts that have to do with your brand, products and services. So, when you post photos about something that has nothing to do with your business’s products or services, like say, a meme that without context has no correlation to your business, or that family bbq (unless you sell charcoal, grills, patio furniture, etc...), the flowers your husband gave you (unless you’re a florist), or multiple photos of that hike you went on (unless you sell hiking/outdoor equipment or at least feature it in your posts), your audience quickly becomes disengaged from your brand and you will likely loose followers (and potential customers). Yours followers don’t care about all the other things that you think are rad, especially when those things don’t relate to your business. 

What should you do about it?

If you haven’t already, set your business up with its own business social accounts ASAP! Keep it the content relevant, and for the sake of the rest of us followers, please stop posting about things that have nothing to do your business! Your audience follows your business because they want to see what makes your business awesome, not you. Show your followers why you’re the expert and your business is the best in its industry!

If you need any more reason than that, here are five more benefits to separating business social media accounts from personal!