We all know them. When you just happen to be somewhere, wherever it is, at just the right time. Those moments when you're driving, just traveling along, music bumping and thoughts rolling through your head, going to wherever it is that you're going. Like a magnet, something urges you to look to your right, out the passenger window. "Whoa!" or "Holy crap!" or "$!@&" flies out of you mouth without resistance and little hesitation. Those moments in life, when you just can't turn away and continuing to drive would result in a potentially serious disaster and the possibility of missing out on that moment which has you so captivated. Good thing you always have your trusty iPhone with you at all times, allowing you to capture that moment. A gift that you know won't last and will never come again.

Yep, those moments.

October 26, 2014. Hwy 50 between Delta and Olathe Colorado.