Or so we hope...

Well, here we are, coming up on mid-November and there isn't hardly a lick of snow in them there hills. Strangely, this doesn't seem to be effecting moral around town (or maybe that's just me). From what I've seen, folks don't seem to care what little snow we have had, has for the most part, melted away. The resort will probably have to delay opening until sometime in December, and the forecasts are saying there isn't really going to be any significant snow in the near future. It's been warm and we have been enjoying continuing our favorite warm weather activities during this ongoing Indian summer.

Yes, it's been grand. And the dog has been loving it too!

Yes, it's been grand. And the dog has been loving it too!

In lieu of all this fun we've been having, playing in the dirt, enjoying these beautiful fall temps, it's probably about time for a change. I know it will come eventually, but I'd really like to get back to playing in the snow sooner than later.  So, here's to hoping for a very snowy winter, filled with sunshine and powder days. Here's to big dumps that bring exciting river days, fill our reservoirs and keep raging forest fires at bay.

Here's a throwback to last year's powder day that rocked my world. Who's ready for days like this? Dust off the skis, break out the wax, pray to Ullr, do your dances, burn some skis, crank up the beats, get stoked!

(Oh and in case you're wondering, I'm riding Liberty Skis bodacious new women's powder ski, the Genesis skis. Check em out! www.libertyskis.com)
After nearly 2 months of hardly any new snowfall, an apocalyptic, nearly 100 mph wind storm that blew in an unhealthy layer of red dust at from Utah and Arizona, and searing hot, melting temps, Telluride finally got a good dose of deep, fresh, white stuff.