I acquired this pack in hopes it would turn out to be my one pack, perfect for climbing Colorado's 14ers, light backpack trips in the desert and traveling.

I am 5'9", 135lbs, generally wear women's size small to medium. I purchased the S/M pack as the shoulder length fit the best for my taller frame. The waist belt is a bit big, I have to wear it cinched as tight as it can possibly go, so I wish that the waist could be just a tad smaller (the XS/S size fit my waist perfectly with plenty of room to adjust).

I just returned from a 12-day trip from Colorado to New England. The pack was my primary bag for the entire trip and I wanted to make everything as simple as possible. I carried the bag with me everywhere. I walked all through airports, flew, rode buses, trains, hitch hiked and rented a car.

The Opsrey Kyte 46 was perfect! At first I was worried about not being able to take enough clothes for the trip, but I managed to squeeze plenty of days worth in there. It has so many nooks and pockets that I was able to keep everything pretty well organized.

It strapped down super tight and fit like a gem in the larger jet's overhead bins. The only time it was too big was in the smaller Boeing jets/prop planes for the shorter flights. For those I just did the quick check at the gate which worked out great because I was able to pick the pack up right at the arrival gate. I never once had to worry that my stuff would get lost in baggage.

I carried the pack stuffed full all round Boston, carried it riding the subway and trains and buses from Boston to Maine. It was heavy. I never had a chance to weigh it, but it had to be a good 50lbs or more. Carrying the pack around at that weight tended to be a bit much on my shoulders, but it did a great job of keeping the majority of the weight on my hips. It never once got unbearable uncomfortable. I even managed to cram a few more momentos in the pack to take home as well!

Took the subway to Sam Adams!
Swung by beaches and lighthouses in Maine...
Saw the first sunlight to hit the United States in Acadia National Park...
Hit up Mt. Washington in New Hampshire...

Overall, the Osprey Kyte 46 performed awesome, held everything I needed for the northeast and traveled marvelously! I can't wait to take it to Utah's deserts and up Colorado's mountains next summer!